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The Scottish Writers' Centre is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, number SC040823.

F. New / Other Issues

This final page allows you to raise points not covered by the focus groups at the Speakeasy in March.

As we said: we are keen for the discussion to be open and ongoing!



  jamila Brown wrote @

hi there, very glad to hear that this centre has been set up, and surprized that Ive only now, heard about it, can u tell me who are actually involved? i am a Glasgw based, mixed race poet, playwright x facilitator, I work closely with many ethnic writers in the City.,x scottish wide,
I founded a collective, called, Definately Inspired Arts, I am a grassroots arts activist, of 3 decades. Please be aware that I am dyslexic, x if u want to make the way u communicate to the writing community? I happy to share ideas, about how to make the way u communicate, much more accessable. How do I join? This is a great idea!! x I look forwrd to hearing more from you. Coming to the event on Monday, x bringing a learning disabled writer friend. Wishing you, all the best, from, Jamila Brown,

  Brian Grove wrote @


Great writer’s community.. My site My Perfect Pitch compliments yours, consisting of interesting articles from a published author, and a free writers yearbook with over 1000 book publishers currently accepting submissions. Keep up the good work.

Regards, Brian

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