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The Scottish Writers' Centre is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, number SC040823.

E. Membership Issues

Group E: Membership Issues

A record of the group’s considerations is presented below. Please feel free to add any comments / raise additional points.

  • Basic membership should be free with a sliding scale of rates depending on which services members wish to make use of
  • All members will have voting rights
  • Some discussion about who ‘qualifies’ as a writer (a publication of some kind or a performance?)
  • Organisation of the centre: a core group of paid staff
  • Paid writers delivering services such as workshops
  • A Board of Directors
  • Consideration should be given to using existing facilities like the Mitchell Library
  • the opinion expressed that a lot of funding would be necessary for a centre of this type (would this be money well spent?) how would it impact on other areas of literature provision?
  • Fears of elitism were expressed: who is the centre for…
  • It must be socially and geographically accessible.

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  jamila Brown wrote @

please keep me informed of what is going on at the centre, x let me know please about membrship I joined a year ago, but no contact from anyone,?

thank you, M brown

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