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C. Partnerships & Links

Group C: Partnerships & Links

A record of the group’s considerations is presented below. Please feel free to add any comments / raise additional points.

Partnerships with other groups would be both physical and virtual.

The objective of those partnerships:

To create partnership with organisation and government bodies which would have a two way benefit.
The Centre would create a hub to link to other areas with local, national and international aspirations – Similar model to The National Theatre of Scotland.
It is envisaged that the partnerships would host SWC events all over, which would be beneficial to writers outside Glasgow.
The forming of partnerships across Scotland will help in funding the Centre; partners will be able to approach their own councils to seek funding

  • We identified that the process of linking with potential partners would need to be carefully timed. At the moment we have only an idea to offer. Careful project planning and critical path analysis would need to be deployed.
  • We further identified that we would need something specific to offer Councils in return for funding e.g. a specialist service.
  • Types of organisations identified as potential partners.

National Groups:
Scottish Association of Writers; Federation Of Writers; Scottish Arts Council; Scottish Book Trust; Society of Authors; The Scottish Executive; Festival Group (Alistair Moffat)

Specialist Groups:
Poetry Library; Scottish Playwrights; Scottish Crime Writers; Romantic Novelist Association; CONFAB; Mirrorball; Artists in Exile; Lapidus; Vital Synz; Sabhal Mor Ostaig (Gaelic); Storytelling Centre; Burns’ Centre; Book Festivals; NALD; Tramway; Seeds of Thought; Streetlevel Gallery; Croiispol, Durness; Scottish Publishers Association.

Regional Groups:
Scottish Regional Councils; Hi Art; Dundee Centre for Contemporary Art; Gracefields, Dunfries; H&I Art Centres.

Scottish Councils’ Community Learning; Libraries Community Learning; Creative Writing Courses, Universities and Colleges

International Groups:
PEN; Irish Writers’ Centre; Other International Writers’ Centres; Ecotec, Scandinavia


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