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The Scottish Writers' Centre is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, number SC040823.

B. Events, Activities etc

Group B: Events, Activities, Programme etc

A record of the group’s considerations is presented below. Please feel free to add any comments / raise additional points.

  • issue of accessibility was flagged, both in making sure all writers felt welcomed and in reaching all parts of Scotland. Collaborative ventures would help to ensure that a Writers’ Centre was open.
  • Someone asked why was a building needed, a building that would soak up funds when we could operate out of existing accommodation? better to have writer’s rooms being set up across the country? Why go for a building in a time when everyone else was moving away from actual space to virtual?
  • a concern that a single writers’ centre might impact badly on the plurality of the present situation where lots of autonomous events happen in different places.
  • All genres should be provided for, including drama
  • The international aspect is important: a writer’s residency, writers’ exchanges
  • Provision of online courses
  • Request for the group to provide its mission statement


  jamila Brown wrote @

another comment. Quite a lot of writers,that I know, don,t actually OWN a p/c .
They do use x go to the library, but you need to think much more about DISABILITY ,as well as accesssability,? I would def like drama to be included ,in your plans…….for me, for writing, virtual, is,nt a world I can relate to ,easily.
For me, the writing is all about the pen in my hand, not just any old pen!! and the ritual, and process of touching the paper, the feel, and the sense of my writing scrawl, …….I love writing a letter. What do people think about this? Thank you, Jamila Brown,

  donal wrote @

thanks for your comment, Jamila

please be assured that issues such as disability, accessibility etc will – of course -be considered

you can see the people involved if you click on “About us” on the SWC Website. new members of the Steering Group will soon add their details

I’m abroad right now – but will maybe see you at the ALK gig on 1 June

all best

  Stephanie Green wrote @

As well as the on-line workshops mentioned, it would be good to offer poetry writing workshops tutored by professional poets along the lines of the London-based Poetry School, with courses over several weeks as well as one-day sessions, perhaps alternating in Glasgow and Edinburgh and outreach sessions in other parts of Scotland (the Highlands, Dumfriesshire, Aberdeen etc etc.).
No doubt, prose, plays and screen-writing workshops would also be in demand.

  Bookrambler wrote @

One way of generating income would be to rent out space to consultants. I’m setting up a literary consultancy and it would be great to have the umbrella of a settled facility in which to run mentoring sessions and workshops.

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