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A. Space, Layout, Facilities

Group A: Space, Physical Layout, Facilities.

A record of the group’s considerations is presented below. Please feel free to add any comments / raise additional points.

‘A space where friends can gather. Writing is a lonely business. Just as members of the Polish community head for the Polish centre why would writers not make for the writers’ centre.’?

‘An Aye Write every day of the year. A space filled with every conceivable type of writing activity every night of the week’.

Would the space be owned or rented? There was a discussion of Culture and Sport’s willingness to see space in one of the Merchant City buildings currently owned by the Council being used as a writers’ centre. Could a centre inhabit a library such as the Mitchell Library?

  • ‘A flexible space with performance area, meeting rooms (but how many? Would it be possible to marry this facility up with the ‘quiet’ areas reserved for writing? Danger of wasted space)
  • a bar/café (but licence issues here…just let members bring in drink? Soft drink franchise? License for specific events?)
  • A bookshop? (franchise income; Borders, Waterstones or an independent bookseller? The possibility of getting sponsorship from one of the larger chains.)
  • A flat for writers (not just for foreign visitors but for Scottish writers from all parts of the country wishing to spend time in Glasgow at the Centre. Another source of income? Discounted rate for members?)
  • Writers’ ‘pods’, quiet spaces within the centre for writers who struggle to find time and quiet at home.
  • Offices for admin purposes: not just the centre itself but for existing writers’ groups.
  • Audio-visual facilities: smart screens, projectors, flipcharts, white boards…(or have groups renting space provide much of this?)
  • Reception space,
  • toilets.
  • A garden (we supply the vase, you bring your own flower!)

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