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The Scottish Writers' Centre is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, number SC040823.

SWC Great Debate, Thursday 26th April, 7pm

Clubroom, CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

Come and get your copy of The Road by Cormac McCarthy at the SWC World Book Night Giveaway and stay to give your tuppenceworth in another SWC Great Debate – ‘All the Languages of Scotland’

Our fifth great Debate and Discussion event for 2012, ‘All the Languages of Scotland’ discusses all the languages and voices of Scotland. Scotland is multi-vocal but the majority of books are written and published in English. Is Gaelic a minority language? Does Scots dialect transfer to the page? What about voices from across the globe who have made Scotland their home – are they heard and read? Is literature in translation a poor relation of English literature? Are all writers considered equal by publishers and booksellers? Do they want to be—do you want to be?

Leela Soma will lead a panel of voices, including Catriona Lexy Campbell, Kusay Hussain, Alan Riach, and Sue Reid Sexton. Come along on Thursday and join in the debate. Tell us what the Scottish Writers’ Centre can do to ensure that all voices are heard.


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