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‘THE FUTURE OF THE SCOTTISH WRITERS’ CENTRE’ Saturday 10th March, 3.15pm, Mitchell Library, Glasgow

Not to be missed! A presentation and debate with Gerry Loose, Ron Butlin and Jacqueline Smith at Strathclyde University’s ‘Write Now!’ Conference

Saturday 10th March 3.15pm at the Mitchell Library during ‘AYE WRITE!

Is calling for commitment to the establishment of a non-academic centre of excellence for the encouragement of interest in literature to readers and writers of all ages and origins in Scotland, of less value than the commitment in other countries such as Ireland, England, Wales, Canada, Australia etc? Why is it not already in existence? How do writers envision such a place beyond or beside College and University creative writing programmes? Outlining the steps already taken to make the vision a reality, and notes on the road still to travel.

More details about the conference at:


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  blackdogstories wrote @

I help organise the Glasgow Writers Group… this is a grassroots group that shares writing locally, for critique, feedback and enjoyment. Very successful but we have occasionally lacked meeting facilities in the past. I’d like to see an umbrella that can shelter grassroots project, but it would need to be free of charge to users if it was to succeed. Organisation and fees are the biggest barriers to participation.

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